Mountaineering Course For Beginners

What To Expect... BASIC SKILLS COURSE MOUNTAINEERING This 2-day adventure might be the most compact mountaineering course I've ever taken. Here's how it went and what I learned: 👇👇👇 DAY ONE We met in Grindelwald where we received our gear, ...
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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Out On Rafting in Switzerland

What To Expect... RAFTING Looking for your next thrill? Rafting in Switzerland is the ultimate adventure, and I'll give you 5 compelling reasons why it's a must-do. From varying difficulty ...
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Why Canyoning Is The Most Underrated Adventure Activity

What To Expect... CANYONING Discover the hidden gems of nature with canyoning - an underrated adventure activity that promises thrills and unforgettable experiences. From exploring secret gorges to rappelling, jumping, ...
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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Bungy Jump

What To Expect BUNGY JUMP STOCKHORN Bungy jumping at Stockhorn is not just another thrill-seeker's dream; it's an epic adventure that might be the most exhilarating experience of your life! ...
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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Booking Skydiving

What to expect Skydiving in the Alps Skydiving in the Alps is not just another item on your bucket list; it's an epic adventure that might just be the most ...
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6 Things I Wish I knew Before Booking Canyon Swing in Grindelwald

What To Expect... CANYON SWING GRINDELWALD When people say "you only live once," they're often talking about activities ...
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Bungy Jumping in Switzerland… Out of a GONDOLA!!!

BUNGY JUMPING STOCKHORN Bungy Jumping out of a Gondola? Hands down, stockhorn has to be one of the most ...
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Gletscherschlucht Glacier Canyon

The Glacier Canyon is an incredible natural masterpiece

GLACIER CANYON Welcome to the Glacier Canyon or "Gletscherschlucht" (good luck with the pronunciation)   You can now ...
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Outdoor Interlaken Canyoning

18 bucket list adventures to tick off this summer!

BUCKET LISTERS! It's all possible in Interlaken! 18 adventures to add to your bucket list this summer! If ...
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Incredible cliff walk in the Valley of Lauterbrunnen – Via Ferrata Mürren

VIA FERRATA MÜRREN Via Ferrata | Mürren The Italians coined the term "Via Ferrata", meaning "iron path". In ...
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Canyoning in Interlaken Switzerland

Canyoning in Interlaken: We break it down!

CANYONING IN INTERLAKEN We lay it out, for you to play it out. Canyonin in Interlaken Jump ahead ...
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Canyoning Grimsel, Interlaken, Switzerland

The most scenic Canyoning adventure in Interlaken

GRIMSEL THE MOST SCENIC CANYONING EXPERIENCE IN INTERLAKEN! The Grimsel Pass is a mountain pass in Switzerland, crossing ...
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Things to do in the rain in Interlaken

The best tips to enjoy rainy weather in Interlaken

THE BEST WAYS TO ENJOY RAINY WEATHER Interlaken, Switzerland So you arrived in Interlaken and it looks like ...
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Rafting boats heading down the river near Interlaken

Family Rafting in Interlaken, Switzerland

FAMILY RAFTING in Interlaken, Switzerland Interlaken is well known for adventure travellers and thrill-seekers. However, there are also ...
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Outdoor Interlaken Canyon Swing

The World’s Scariest Canyon Swing

CANYON SWING ARE WE CRAZY, OR SIMPLY LIVING? Standing on the platform, my legs weak, my stomach turning, ...
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The best family adventures around Interlaken, Switzerland

HELLO FAMILY - HELLO ADVENTURE If you have the children - we have the playground! THE BEST IDEAS ...
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Interlaken’s Fun: Laugh and Spin, See Waterfalls and Explore Lake Brienz on a Jetboat Tour

WHAT TO EXPECT JETBOAT RIDE What's fast, fun, and full of surprises? Our upcoming journey on Lake Brienz! ...
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