Jetboat Captain


Ciao Dino, tell us where you grew up.

I grew up in Aargau and attended a sports school in St. Gallen. I travelled a lot during my apprenticeship and then lived in Hawaii for four years.


Interesting. What made you decide to move to Hawaii?

Actually, I wanted to build a life in California, but through a colleague, I ended up in Hawaii. Since I originally learned carpentry/joinery, I was able to work on various houses, a villa, as well as gyms and a wellness oasis.

I love sports so I learnt how to surf while I was in Hawaii and immediately fell in love. I lived in the perfect place, with amazing waves and the beautiful Sunset Beach right outside my door. That's why I was out surfing every day.


Why did you return to Switzerland?

That's a long story. I still had a girlfriend in Switzerland at the time. It would have been easier to fall in love with a Hawaiian girl on the spot, but it didn't happen. Instead, after a visit to Hawaii, my girlfriend got pregnant. So we returned to Switzerland together.


So you turned your back on Hawaii and the dream beach?

Not quite. When our child was around 4.5 years old, we went back to Hawaii.

A short time later 9/11 came, which unfortunately was also felt on the dream islands of Hawaii. My wife no longer felt safe and wanted to return to Switzerland. I then decided against the waves and moved back home with the family.


How did you become a jetboat captain?

Back in Switzerland, I completed further studies in multimedia and graphic design and had various managerial positions in large corporations. At some point, however, the work/life balance no longer worked. After all, money alone does not make you happy! By chance, I came across the job ad for Jetboat Interlaken and a short time later I had found my new vocation - jetboat captain on the picturesque Lake Brienz!


What do you like best about your job?

I especially like the variety of guests. Every day looks different, I can be outside in any weather. This is amazing.


What are your plans for the next few years?

I now live in Goldswil. I feel at home here. I won't be going anywhere else in the near future. I am a happy jetboat captain and want to stay that way while continuing to spend a lot of time with my family.


You turned your hobby into a career, what do you do in your spare time now?

I discovered paragliding and recently successfully passed my certification. I also love snowboarding and spent 42 days on the board last season. I would like to experience many other outdoor adventures. Canyoning and river rafting is at the top of my list!


Have you ever had a scary situation on the lake?

It always gets dangerous when clients don't follow our instructions. One group wanted to prove to each other that they could stand on the seat cushions during my manoeuvres. Of course, that's not possible at all!


What was your longest time without a shower?

The longest time I went without a shower was during the military endurance week. Otherwise, I shower regularly 😉


Has anyone famous ever been on board?

One of the Kardashians, I can't remember which one exactly.


Thanks for your time, what are you doing right now?

Now it's off to the lake again!