The right equipment for hiking

Whether you wear trainers or mountain boots, a T-shirt or a down jacket - you can hike in any type of clothing. But not all clothing is equally practical for every hike. Demanding mountain hikes (T3) require a minimum amount of good equipment to make the trip a positive experience. We limit ourselves here to the equipment for day hikes.

Fitting and specific hiking boots. Ankle-high, sturdy mountain hiking boots with a Vibram sole are recommended. The sole does not have to be stiff and uncomfortable, but it should give you adequate grip in rocky terrain. Don't forget the matching socks.

Whether you walk with or without poles is up to you. There are advantages (easy on the muscles and joints, help with balance) but also disadvantages (increased use leads to a reduction in the sense of balance).

Functional and breathable clothing both on the upper body and on the legs. Here, too, there are now many different materials - from wool to synthetics, the spectrum is wide. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothes. 

Die Wärmeschicht (Daune oder Primaloft) schützt dich vor dem Auskühlen bei den kühleren Temperaturen in der Höhe. Die Wetterschicht (wasser- und/oder winddichtes Material) hält dich trocken, sollte es doch mal regnen oder gewittern.

Depending on the duration of the hike, you should take enough drinks and something to eat. Whether the drink is hot or cold depends on personal preferences and the outside temperature.

In the mountains, an emergency first-aid kit always belongs in your backpack.

In case of an accident, you need to alert the rescue as soon as possible, so you should have your mobile phone with you. Make sure your battery is fully charged before the tour. 

A sun hat and sun cream are a must for every day hike. The sun in the mountains is much stronger than in the valleys.

Our hikes

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Vier Personen schauen sich ein Wanderkarte an.

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Eine Person wandert auf einem schmalen - mit Gras bewachsenen - Grat. Am Horizont ist eine Bergkette zu sehen und unten im Tal ein grosser See.