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Looking for an easy adventure that starts in Interlaken and takes you to one of the most stunning places in the area? Expect laughter, fresh air, and lots of snow – that's exactly what you'll get and more on a day sledding trip in Isenfluh.

But how do you get there, what should you wear, what do you need to know, is it difficult, how does it work, and what can you expect? These are exactly the questions I'll be covering in this blog.



Sledding Time

1h (approx)


Min. age 8


The gondola ride is incredible, very steep and the views across the valley are breathtaking!
Views from the trail of the world famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains.
Visiting a huge frozen waterfall.
Bombing down a mountain in the Swiss Alps!
  • Meeting Points

    You'll either meet at the base or be collected at one of the pickup locations and taken to the base.

  • Gear up

    You’ll be in the outdoors, you’ll be in the snow AND it’s winter… so let’s set you up to stay warm and dry so you can have the most fun possible!

    Winter jacket, snow pants, waterproof hiking boots, beanie and waterproof gloves are the basics… and ideally, you’d have a thermal layer close to your skin and long socks… snow down your shoes is not a good time!

    Pro Tip: Try and avoid anything which might get caught in the sled… long scarves, bags with long straps etc.


  • Drive to Isenfluh gondola station

    It's about a 15min drive from the Outdoor Interlaken base to the gondola station, and you'll head up towards the Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald valleys... which is always stunning!

  • Pick up snow sliding device aka. 'sled'

    Once we arrive, we park up, gather the troops and stroll on over to our storage barn (just a few mins). We'll pick up the sleds, sledges, sleighs, toboggans, luges? and head to the gondola.

  • Gondola ride to a small Swiss Alps style village

    You'll hop onto a farmer's gondola, which has the capacity of a single Swiss cow. Ride is steep and views - impressive!

  • Demonstration on how to control your sled

    Your guide will show you how to start, stop, turn and hang onto your sled. Be sure to listen well and ask questions if anything isn't clear... it's more fun when you have a little knowledge 😉

  • Go time!

Waterproof hiking boots will keep your feet dry and assist you in braking your sled

A base layer is always a good idea to have as an additional layer that can help you stay warm and regulate your temperature.

Warm waterproof pants.

Millet Alagna Stretch Jacket M Wild Lime/Orion Blue Skijacken : Snowleader

Warm waterproof jacket.

Millet Touring Glove II Black/Dark Grey Tourenski-Handschuhe : SnowleaderWarm gloves with removable fingers are recommended for easier phone access when you want to take a picture.

Blue and Grey Cable Knit Winter Hat | Winter Hats | ZiggleUK

Did you know that approximately 40% of body heat is lost through the head? Wearing a hat is definitely a great way to help keep yourself warm.

Little side note:

All of these items are recommended for a more comfortable sledding trip. However, if you don't have any clothing to bring, you can either rent it or go without.

GoPro GoPro Hero 9 Schwarz | online kaufen - MANOR

Bring your action camera with a bite mount or head mount because most likely both of your hands will be holding onto a sled.

Don't forget to use #ShareTheAdventure and #OutdoorAwards when posting about your adventure.

Three Reasons to Safely Drink out of Plastic Water Bottles | Facts About BPA

Staying hydrated is always a good idea even if sledding won't be as exhausting as other adventures

Banana equivalent dose - Wikipedia

You most likely won't have too much time to snack while sledding down but once you reach the van hunger might kick in


A pair of sunglasses or goggles is a must on a sunny day, reflection from the sun in the snow can be quite harsh on your eyes

  • There is no parking spot at the base in Interlaken; however, you can usually park your car at the nearby hockey hall.
  • Most important gear like ski pants & jacket, googles, gloves, hiking boots can be rented at the shop
  • On the slope there are designated meeting points where the guide waits for everyone, to check if everyone is enjoying their ride.
  • Some parts will be too flat for sledding, and you'll need to walk.

When there isn't enough snow in Isenfluh, we shift our sledding trip to Saxeten, which includes a 1-hour hike as there's no gondola available. This trip is more physically challenging and incorporates a variety of different elements.



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