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Embarking on your first skiing adventure is a memory you'll cherish forever. In this blog post, I'll not only provide answers to essential questions like what to know, wear, bring, and pack, but I'll also delve into the exciting realm of what to expect. And for those who prefer visuals, there's an exciting video to accompany your reading.


To prepare for your day, first check the weather, ideally through MeteoSwiss for accuracy. Dress as if you're heading out for a run or workout, suitable for the current weather, and don't forget long socks for comfort and protection. Pack essentials like water, sunglasses, and gloves to stay hydrated and shielded from the elements. Lastly, aim to leave early to ensure punctuality, considering any potential delays.

For accessing the OUTDOOR base in Matten bei Interlaken, located at Hauptstrasse 15, 3800, consider these transport options:

By Bus: Nearby stops include Matten b. I., Hotel Regina (104), Hotel Sonne (104, 105, 311, 312, M41), Jungfraublick (105), and Kesslergasse (104), all within a short walk.

By Car: There's no parking at the base itself. Instead, park at the ice hall on Tellweg 7, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken.

For those enrolled in the full-day beginner package, the expected return time is around 17:00. Please note, this timing can be affected by traffic conditions. Additionally, you'll need to allocate time to return your rented ski equipment, including boots and helmets, at the end of your session.

  • Gear up at the base

    Your adventure at the Interlaken OUTDOOR base begins at the counter. You will receive a customer card, and then, based on your needs, you will be directed in chronological order to acquire your ski pants, jacket, ski boots, skis, poles, helmet, goggles, and gloves.

    Not included in the package but can be rented with a 20% discount

  • Let's have a ride!

    You hop in the van, and the ski instructor drives you up to Bodmi, Grindelwald. That takes approximately 35 minutes, and the views on a sunny winter day are breathtaking.

  • Ski instructor showtime

    Depending on the ski instructor, your first steps in skiing will start with learning how to walk in your boots, putting on one ski, learning how to balance, mastering control over one ski, and then progressing towards sliding down super-safe tiny slopes. These initial steps will lead to learning how to ski while lifting one leg, making turns, and mastering the art of stopping.

    The exercises will become progressively more challenging, but remember, you'll be surrounded by impressive mountain peaks, making all your efforts more than worthwhile.

    Pro Tip: Take as many pictures as you can before the lunch break while the sun is out. Use #ShareTheAdventure and #OutdoorAwards.

  • Let's eat!

    This one is important – believe me, you'll be hungry after working on your skiing skills.

    For the lunch break, you have three options:

    1. Das Bodmi Hotel has a bar where you can order lunch from a food truck (takeaway style). They have a nice outside terrace with gorgeous views and also some seats inside. The food truck works fast, and your food is ready almost instantly. They don't have many options for vegetarians and basically none for vegans.

    2. CAFÉ 3692 is more of a restaurant (reservation recommended, especially in the high season) with a great chef, fresh locally produced food, and a lovely atmosphere. It takes approximately 1 hour from the moment you order until your belly is full. They have some vegetarian options but almost no vegan options, which leads to the next option...

    3. Self-made food – well, there's no doubt that this is the cheapest option, but you might miss out on local experiences. However, if you're a vegan, this option is probably the only one that will satisfy you.

  • Getting back on skis

    If you prove yourself in the morning, the ski teachers will take you to longer routes with more difficult turns, and eventually, they will introduce you to the magic carpet.

    The magic carpet takes you to the highest part of Bodmi, where you and your fellow beginners slide down while following your ski teacher.

    After a couple of rides, you're ready to head home.



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