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Have you ever imagined embarking on an adventure in the Swiss Alps, learning the thrilling discipline of ice climbing under the guidance of experienced professionals? This introductory course not only introduces you to the basics of ice climbing but also serves as a strong foundation for future exploration and skill development in the sport.

But what does preparing for this experience entail, what attire is appropriate, what knowledge is essential, how challenging is it, how does the activity proceed, and what should you anticipate from this unique adventure? These are the critical questions I'll be addressing in this blog



Course Time

8h (approx)


Ice climbing certificate

What will I learn at the Ice climbing taster course?

Putting on the harness and crampons.
Walking and climbing in crampons.
Using an ice axe.
Knots for belaying and securing yourself while climbing.
Belaying each other.
Basics of ice screws and making an Abalakov thread.
  • Be picked up or meet at the gondola station

    Guides will drive the OUTDOOR van from Grindelwald and can either pick you up along the way or meet you at the 'Under Dem Birg' gondola station.

  • Receive your gear

    All the gear you listed as necessary will be provided before boarding the gondola, along with your gondola ticket and an entrance label for the artificial ice wall.

  • Hop on a gondola

    The presence of huge waterfalls and a snowy Swiss Alps backdrop is what makes this ride gorgeous.

  • Try on your new fit

    Ever worn a harness, crampons, or helmet? No worries, our guides will show and teach you how to use all of it.

  • Learn how to use your gear.

    Starting with learning to walk in crampons, you'll gradually progress to mastering the correct ways to use your ice axe, and eventually, you'll learn how to climb an actual ice wall.

  • Learn the basics of knots and belaying.

    Forgot your belaying device and don't know the safest way to tie your harness to the rope? No problem—the guide will take care of it and teach you how to do it on your own. But rest assured, they will still double-check before every climb and keep a vigilant eye on you.

  • Have fun!

    Once you're familiar with climbing the ice wall and the knots you need to use, you'll have the freedom to choose routes that vary in difficulty.

  • Choose to either continue climbing or learn about ice screws and the Abalakov thread.

    The unofficial lunch break offers choices: either learn about ice screws and abseiling threads or keep climbing and challenge yourself with more difficult climbs.

Hiking boots with toe and heel welt and rigid sole

A base layer is always a good idea to have as an additional layer that can help you stay warm and regulate your temperature.

Warm waterproof, functional pants.

Millet Alagna Stretch Jacket M Wild Lime/Orion Blue Skijacken : Snowleader

Warm functional jacket.

Millet Touring Glove II Black/Dark Grey Tourenski-Handschuhe : SnowleaderGloves that neither too thick to too thin

Did you know that approximately 40% of body heat is lost through the head? Since you'll be wearing a helmet - but could help you with keeping your head and ears warm.


GoPro GoPro Hero 9 Schwarz | online kaufen - MANOR

Bring your action camera with a bite mount or head mount because most likely both of your hands will be holding onto a sled.

Don't forget to use #ShareTheAdventure and #OutdoorAwards when posting about your adventure.

Three Reasons to Safely Drink out of Plastic Water Bottles | Facts About BPA

Staying hydrated is always a good idea. 

Banana equivalent dose - Wikipedia

Bring snacks an proper lunch since restaurant is a bit far and there's no official lunch break - everyone is more or less taking breaks on their own.


A pair of sunglasses is a must on a sunny day, reflection from the sun in the snow can be quite harsh on your eyes.

  • It's difficult to find a good parking spot for the whole day in Grindelwald but Under Dem Birg gondola station has a huge parking.
  • Hiking boots, gloves, jacket, pants can be rented at the shop.
  • You'll be paying additionally for the gondola tickets and the entrance to the ice climbing section (CHF 18.5 + CHF 10)

Usually ice climbing takes part near by Grindelwald but since conditions were not suitable we went to Egstligenalp to climb on the artificial ice.



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