What To Expect On...
OUTDOOR Adventure

If you wonder what it's like being part of OUTDOOR adventure, you're in the right place. I've been on quite a few, over 30 actually, and each one is its own kind of amazing. These trips are like grabbing life by the horns - full of excitement, nature's beauty, and unexpected moments. This blog post is all about sharing that general vibe and what you can expect when you step into the adventure zone. Let’s keep it simple and real, and explore the essence of OUTDOOR adventures!



It doesn't require any login or registration all you gotta do is find adventure (OUTDOOR landing page) that speaks to you the most and simply click BOOK NOW - choose the date, time and adventurer count on top of that you might be offered video or photo depending on the activity. You will have to add your name, email and phone number to contact you in case there are any changes. Choose your meeting point and pay for adventure.


Everything works pretty smoothly - the website is well structured, customer support is always there to answers calls, emails and WA messages.

Gate to the adventure world

Once you reach the meeting point guides take you into their world and show their play ground often times that means getting and fitting your gear first and then hopping on a van and heading for the adventure. These adventure enablers are there to not only guide you but also entertain and educate you about the region and answer questions they will make sure you’re not only navigating through safely and securely but also having fun doing it.


Their technical knowledge, experience & people skills are remarkable - they are the experts giving you a world class experience & on top of that they are able to read people by their body language, emotions and expressions and adapt so that you you’re having the time of your life. And their infinite patience is something very underrated.

Fellow adventure seekers

since most of these activities are for groups which are open for anyone to join you’ll meet other adventure seekers. Usually most of them are in an excited vacation mode - very easy to talk to, open minded, chit-chatty and ready to soak it all in. And believe me if you’re the with the same attitude you’ll have a blast.

Sometimes at beginning of the trip (especially winter activities) people are are bit more quiet and reserved but once first obstacle is overcome they open up and by the end of the trip you might find a new best friend and go have a drink with planning your future plans together.

The playground

Besides meeting guides and adventurers from all over the world, you’ll see hidden gems and nature from angles that even some locals haven’t seen. Whether sitting in a plane waiting to skydive or diving through a waterfall in a canyon, you’ll be impressed by the power of nature and its beauty.


After the adventure is the relaxation time, sometimes it’s just a chill ride home and have a free drink sometimes you have to say see you on the next adventure and return back to your life right after.

What's next?

Now that you know what to expect this is what you need to bring for you next OUTDOOR adventure in Interlaken - bring to your next adventure.



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