What's fast, fun, and full of surprises? Our upcoming journey on Lake Brienz! Strap in for a jetboat adventure where the thrills are as rich as the scenery. We’ve got twists, tales, and towering waterfalls waiting for you. Stay tuned, because this ride is about to get wild!



Time on water 

50min (approx)


Min. age 5


Adrenaline fueled 360° spins
Facts about the lake, villages, ships, islands and more.
Visiting the Giessbach Waterfalls with the fairy-tale hotel in the background
Zipping across the teal waters of Lake Brienz at speeds of up to 60 km/h
  • Meeting Point

    This is one of the few activities where the meeting point is right at the starting point of the adventure: Am Quai, 3806 Bönigen.

  • Gear up

    You'll be offered rain pants and a jacket, which are not mandatory to wear. I wouldn't recommend wearing them for the full experience, especially on a warm summer day. However, wearing a life jacket will be mandatory. You can also securely leave your belongings at the base.

  • Hop on the Jetboat

    You'll be given a seat, and if the captain calls for brave souls, sign up! You'll be placed at the back where the G-force is strongest and where you'll get the most splashes. If you want to impress the captain, take good care of the seats - treat them as if they were the seats of your own car. 🙂

  • Spins, speed and facts

    A short safety briefing will be held: don't stand while the jet boat is moving and use the handles.

    The captain will determine the speed and number of spins based on the group's comfort level.

    Between spins and speed runs, the captain will share stories about the surrounding area and tell jokes.

  • Fairytale time

    If being surrounded by gorgeous mountains and zipping across a teal lake isn't magical enough, just wait until you reach Giessbach Waterfall with the hotel in the background. Boy oh boy, how unreal is that!

  • The same but backwards!

    Haha, no backward jet boat riding, but you'll still experience the speed, more facts, and spins until you're back at the base. Just so you know, earning the captain's love is all about taking care of the seats, and properly handling your life jackets and rain gear. Place and return them as received - they'll really appreciate it!

  • Free photos!

    This might be one of the few things in Switzerland that's free, so you better grab the opportunity, haha!

    Scan the code and share your email and that's literally it.

Think of gearing up for this like preparing for a motorcycle ride in an open, unshaded field, where it's windier than in the city and you'll encounter water-filled potholes.

For colder weather, layer up as you would for this adventurous ride. However, during a warm summer, you'd be comfortable in just a t-shirt and shorts, assuming you don't easily get cold.


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Bring your action camera with a bite mount, because most likely you'll need both hands to hold onto a rail while spinning.

Don't forget to use #ShareTheAdventure and #OutdoorAwards when posting about your adventure.

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If you plan on not using the rain jacket or pants - bring extra shirt or even short cause you probably will get wet.

  • There is paid parking near the jetboat base in Bönigen.
  • You don’t always have the option to choose where to sit in the jetboat.
  • If there are kids in your boat who are very sensitive to speed, there will be fewer spins.
  • There might be two boats running at the same time: one with lower intensity spins and speeds, and one with full power.



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