What To Expect...


When people say "you only live once," they're often talking about activities like this one.

This epic adventure will thrill even the toughest thrill-seekers. In this blog, I'll share what you can expect from a canyon swing in Grindelwald. Get ready for a heart-pounding experience that's as breathtaking as it is unforgettable!

Round trip from Interlaken

3h (approx)


Min. age 14


Free Drink


300m high cliffs
Swinging with up 120km/h
A 90-meter freefall that feels like it lasts forever
Free entrance to a glacier canyon that was once deeply buried under a gigantic glacier.
  • Meeting Points

    Since you can gear up directly at the Glacier Canyon, there's no need to meet at the base in Interlaken. There are also several other designated meeting points along the way.

    It's highly recommended to meet at the Glacier Canyon if you're planning to bring spectators. This allows everyone to gather in one scenic location, enhancing the experience for both jumpers and onlookers.

  • Gear up

    Your jump master will weigh you and give you a world-class Petzl full-body harness, which he will then help you put on. Just remember, everything you're wearing while putting on the harness will stay on you until you come back—so choose wisely.

  • Van, walk, platform

    Once you're fully geared up you'll hop on a van and it will take you uphill. Then you'll be walking for approx. 7min till you reach the platform. This is where the first adrenaline rush will kick in.

  • Thrill time!

    Before you get on the platform, the jump master will secure you with not one, but four carabiners—unlike the single one typically used in climbing—to ensure all five safety points are in place.

    Once secured, you'll step onto the platform where the biggest adrenaline rush kicks in.

    3...2...1... Jump feet first! Your speed will escalate dramatically—there are few sensations in the world quite like this.

    When the rope catches, you'll feel a pull forward, boosting your adrenaline even further. You'll swing past the midpoint, and that's when the most relieving sensation hits, flooding your brain with serotonin and dopamine.

  • Getting out.

    After a couple of swings, you'll gradually relax until the jump master pulls up a rope to stop your swinging. Then, you’ll begin to pull yourself up and climb the ladder. And believe me, it's easier than it sounds.

  • Be proud - enjoy!

    You did it! It's one of the best feeling in the world - you overcame fear. 

    And to finish it off on an even better note you get a free drink and chance to explore glacier canyon.

Closed shoes that can't slip off.

Depends on the weather and the season but a t-shirt with a pair of shorts could be just good enough. I would recommend to put on a hoodie or a jacket for more comfort - especially if you plan to stay in the glacier canyon.


  • There's a nearby parking spot next to the OUTDOOR rafting base (hockey hall)
  • Spectator spot is not guaranteed if the would like to join from Interlaken. Spectator spot is guaranteed if they join in Glacier canyon.
  • Parking at the glacier canyon is free



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