What to expect

Skydiving in the Alps

Skydiving in the Alps is not just another item on your bucket list; it's an epic adventure that might just be the most thrilling experience of your life! It certainly changed mine, and there's a good chance it could transform yours too. In this article, I'll walk you through everything you need to know before you book this breathtaking experience.

Round trip from Interlaken

3.5h (approx.)

Reality check

3 activities in 1


Min age 12


Free ride from Interlaken (without spectators)
15 minute scenic flight with the Alps as a backdrop
Exhilarating 45 second free fall reaching 200km/h
World-class instructors with thousands of jumps each
  • Meeting Points

    You'll either meet at the OUTDOOR base in Interlaken or meet at the Reichenbach dropzone - spectators have to be at the dropzone.

  • Gear up

    You'll get a jumpsuit, and a harness which will be put on with a help of an instructor. 

  • Interview + plane

    Once you're all geared up and good to go you'll do a quick video interview before boarding the plane (if you ordered a video)

  • Scenic flight

    Impressive bird's-eye view of the region, and you'll quickly realize why this is one of the most beautiful skydiving locations in the world.

  • Yellow, door, green, fall

    Once the plane reaches the right altitude, a yellow light will turn on, the door will open, and the terrifying sounds of the wind and the sight of people exiting the plane will shake your nerves. Walking towards the exit will spike your adrenaline with every step. Standing on the edge of the airplane's exit is one of the scariest moments of all, but all you have to do then is arch like a banana, rest your head on the skydive instructor's shoulder, and enjoy—because the instructor will handle the exit. The first second or two was a "breathe in and hold your breath" moment for me. Once we leveled out, the instructor tapped on my shoulder, and I could spread my arms.

    A second later, another skydiver appeared in my vision, and it was none other than the outside cameraman, who was smiling and thoroughly enjoying both my reactions and the experience.

    Seeing him gave me so much comfort and made me realize how simultaneously awesome and ridiculous this activity is.

    My instructor waved off and opened the parachute.

  • Landing

    Once the parachute opened, I felt like I was pulled up, and after a quick check (not really knowing what I should be looking for), I couldn't help but scream from pure joy and happiness.

    One of the best feelings ever!

    After that, the skydive instructor gave me the steering toggles to control the canopy until it was time for landing, which he obviously handled himself.

    Landing was so relieving, knowing that it was done and I could finally tick off a huge bucket list item.

Closed shoes that can't slip off.

Comfortable weather appropriate clothes. Remember you'll be skydiving from 4000m and it's way colder up there. 

When I skydived for the very first time it was a warm sunny day and I only wore shirt and shorts underneath the jumpsuit.

  • There is no parking spot at the base in Interlaken; however, you can usually park your car at the nearby hockey hall.
  • There's a parking next to the Reichenbach dropzone



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