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Discover the hidden gems of nature with canyoning – an underrated adventure activity that promises thrills and unforgettable experiences. From exploring secret gorges to rappelling, jumping, and sliding down waterfalls, canyoning offers a unique way to connect with the great outdoors. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly excursion or an advanced, high-intensity adventure, Outdoor has options for every level of excitement. In this blog, we'll delve into why canyoning deserves more attention, what to wear, what to know, and what to expect. 


3 trips with 3 levels


Min. age 12 & 14


Free Drink


Canyoning Interlaken - Fun and easy
Grimsel - 50m rappel, zip line
Chli Schliere - 10m jump slide, 10m jump, 25m slide
Nature's hidden gems & alpine scenery
  • Meeting Points

    For canyoning Interlaken, you might be picked up from the designated location and brought to the OUTDOOR base to gear up, or you can meet directly at the OUTDOOR base.

    For Grimsel and Chli Schliere, you can meet at the OUTDOOR base or at the designated location. Guides will bring you directly to the canyon right after pick-up.

  • Gear up

    For canyoning Interlaken, your trip will start at the OUTDOOR base where you will gear up and leave your belongings.

    For Grimsel and Chli Schliere, it takes a while to get there, so gearing up and changing will happen at the start of the canyon, outdoors. There are no facilities to change, so bring a bigger towel if necessary.

  • Get in!

    Canyoning Interlaken starts with a 10-minute walk to the canyon where the briefing will be held. Get your wetsuit soaked and let's rock and roll!

    For canyoning Grimsel, you'll gear up at the bottom of the canyon and then be brought by van to the 50m rappel spot. After a briefing, you'll rappel down and be ready to go.

    For canyoning in Chli Schliere, you'll gear up at the van and do a short walk to the starting point. This canyoning experience will begin right away with some exciting jumps.

  • Canyoning is on!

    I was glad that I started with canyoning in Interlaken because it was a great introduction to canyoning - learning to trust the gear, trust the guides, and just go for it, even if jumping on your back into the water feels counterintuitive.

    It was impressive how many disciplines of canyoning were within this canyon.

    Grimsel started huge! It had the biggest rappel of my life. The canyon continued to surprise me with its beauty, bigger jumps, slides, and even a zip line in the middle of the canyon.

    This canyon prepared me for what I was about to experience in Chli Schliere.

    Chli Schliere felt like stepping up the game by multiple levels. This four-hour-long canyon kept surprising me, section by section.

    It felt like one huge natural amusement park that included rappelling down massive waterfalls, jumping from and into places I would never attempt without guide assistance, and slides I dared to undertake.

    Definitely one of the highlight adventures of the year.

  • End of your adventure!

    For canyoning in Interlaken, you'll walk out, hop on the van with all the wetsuits, and be brought back to the base where you can change in peace, have a shower, and enjoy a free drink.

    For Grimsel and Chli Schliere, you'll walk out of the canyon to a table ready for you with drinks, sandwiches, and some snacks. Once you've changed (changing also happens outdoors) and eaten, you'll hop on the van that will drive you back to where it picked you up.

Bring something you would go swimming with.

And bring a towel that is big enough to cover you while changing.

Bring a warmer jacket especially if you're joining a trip in Grimsel & Chli Schliere!



  • There's a nearby parking spot next to the OUTDOOR rafting base (hockey hall).
  • Inform your guide if you have had any illnesses or injuries.



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