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Looking for your next thrill? Rafting in Switzerland is the ultimate adventure, and I'll give you 5 compelling reasons why it's a must-do. From varying difficulty levels to expert guides and fun side quests, this experience has it all. Dive into the full blog post to discover why you can't miss out on this exhilarating activity!

  1. Different Levels of Difficulty: There are three main levels of rafting to choose from. Family rafting is super safe and fun for anyone over 8. Rafting Simme offers some more challenging rapids but is still considered a beginner-friendly adventure. Rafting Lütschine is the most adventurous option, reaching rapid class level 4, which is considered advanced. However, there should be no worries because the guides have the skills and knowledge to keep you safe.
  2. No Gear, Experience, or Commuting Needed: All the necessary gear and equipment will be provided. All you need is a swimsuit, a towel, and the ability to swim. Both family rafting and Lütschine begin at the raft base where you are provided with wetsuits, helmets, life jackets, and shoes. Then you hop on a van and head to the Lütschine River, with the entrance point differing based on the activity. For Simme, you drive to the train station, gear up, hop on a train with all the wetsuits, and then hike to the river, which is an adventure in itself.
  3. Rafting Experts: These guides know how to raft! Most of them raft year-round across the globe and have many years of experience. They will teach you enough to not only survive on the river but thrive and enjoy the experience. In addition to their rafting skills, these guides are great entertainers who know how to engage people, spark and maintain conversations, and create an exciting group vibe. They help everyone get to know each other and bond during the trip. Yes, the guides might scream commands quite loudly and sometimes it might feel like they are trying to create chaos on purpose, but at the end of the day, they are there for your safety and to ensure you have a good time on the river.
  4. Little Side Quests: Rafting isn't always about holding onto your paddle and raft for dear life. It's also full of calm and quiet moments between rapids. During these times, the guide comes up with games, tasks, exercises, and reasons to get in the water or move around a bit. They have team bonding celebrations, bump into rocks, splash other teams for fun, or try to touch the bridge while moving under it. This honestly was half of the experience for me.
  5. Time to Relax: After the trip, you can enjoy a free drink, free drop-off service, and a free group photo. People tend to be more open and easy to talk to after trips like these, making it the perfect time to make new friends and plan new adventures together.



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