Recently one of our customers told me after a trip that he finally could cross something off his bucket list that's been on there for a long time. Thinking of bucket lists, I asked myself what things any traveler should have done before leaving Interlaken again. I could think of 1'000 things at least but I tried to pick the 5 absolute musts for any Interlaken visitor in winter. Here's some more stuff to add to your bucket list:

5. Visit Top of Europe

Have you ever wondered which might be the highest train station in Europe? We've got the answer for you. Hop on the train at Interlaken Ost trainstation and enjoy a beautiful 2.5 hr trainride up to 3454 meter. The panorama is absolutely stunning and on a beautiful day you can see french and german peaks from the panoramic terrace. The ride is quite expensive but hey, where else in the money you get to see that panorama? I'd say money well spent! You can get all the info you need as well as your ticket right in the Outdoor Interlaken shop. My tip for super savings: Book a "Discover the Jungfrau Winter Package".

4. Try something Swiss!

What do you know about the Swiss? That they like cheese? That they love winter? That they live on mountains? Well you've heard the clichés but there's some truth in it. While you are in Interlaken you should try something very traditional the Swiss do in winter: Night Sledding.
Night Sledding? I guess you have no clue what this might be. Let me explain. Since it's dark and you might not necessarily know the area very well and you don't want to get lost in the swiss forest, we recommend you to join a guided trip with Outdoor Interlaken, where your only concern is not to loose your bread in the cheese. Equipped with warm winter clothing we take you up to a small, romantic mountain village. The little gondola brings you up to the start of the sled track. With the track only lighted by the moon and the stars, you zip down the 1 hour long sled run and on the way you discover a frozen waterfall. Down in the valley you can try a typical swiss meal: The Fondue. The traditional swiss cheese dish is another must that belongs on your bucket list. And keep in mind: don't lose your bread...

3. Discover why birds sing.   

Ever dreamt of flying? Interlaken is the perfect place to make your dream come true. Fly like the eagle and experience a new dimension. Float away into a amazing new world where a natural high waits for you. Experience the mountains and valleys from a birdlike perspective and enjoy the landscape of the unique, beautiful Jungfrau Region all before you touch down softly on the landing field. Tandem Paragliding is suitable for everyone. Oh, and don't forget to take some pictures to make your co-workers jealous...

2. Shredding in front of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

You've been skiing everywhere in the world and you think that there is no chance a ski resort could impress you?

Well then, let's compare:

Does Interlaken have a peak-to-peak gondola like Whistler, Canada?  

No. But the Jungfrau Region has 3 resorts with more than 200km of slopes and over 40 lifts, all acessible with the same lift pass. Not bad either.

Is Interlaken a celebrity hotspot like Aspen, USA? 

No. With Outdoor Interlaken you are the VIP. We take care of your equipment, show you where to go and our one-stop-shop has everything you need for a great day on the slope.

Can you party as hard as in Ischgl, Austria? 

Of course you can! It's up to you where you want to party like a rock star. The Tipi, the Startbar and not to forget the famous Metrobar are good spots to let loose.

And probably the most important argument: Just have a look at the picture and tell me again that no ski resort could ever impress you again.

1. Get your adrenaline pumping!

There is one thing Interlaken is world famous for that hasn't been mentioned: Pure Adrenaline.

Feel alive and take a step away from your usual path. Interlaken is Europe's prime destination for adventure and outdoor sports both in summer and winter.

Doesn't matter if you fall out of a plane, jump into a canyon or climb high up in the trees - just do it!

If you want to fulfil a dream, leave your usual path and spend the time of your life, Outdoor Interlaken is your expert and reliable partner for adventure in Interlaken. Don't hesitate to contact us for all questions or wishes that will come up when you write your own bucket list!


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