This week we take a look outside the water sports industry and spend five minutes with Skydive Tandem Master, Drop Zone Manager and a Pilot- Elliot Clark.

So, what’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Elliot Clarke and I am from central London, UK

How long have you been living and working in Interlaken?

I’ve been working in Interlaken since  2000.

Where do you call home these days?

Interlaken. I met my wife here and we have two kids now.

What languages do you speak?

Almost English and terrible German. My wife is from Germany so my kids speak better German than I do now.

How did you become a tandem master and a pilot?

I started with skydiving in 1988 in England and it became my passion. I have about 10 000 skydive jumps and about 180 base jumps on my list.

What is the worst job you ever had and how long did you stick it out?

I used to wash insides of the trash cars back in Chelsea. It was a 3 month terrible job, but I needed extra money for skydiving.

What are your top 3 holiday destinations and why?

California, California and California. There is everything! Sun, beaches, surfing, mountains, deserts and great skydiving too.

What, in your opinion, is so special about Interlaken?

The extensive variety of adrenalin sports available for general public in summer and winter.

Apart from working for Skydive Switzerland, what is your favourite thing to do in Switzerland?

I work a lot, but when I don’t, I enjoy time with my family and skiing in the winter.

Have you ever had someone famous skydiving with you?

Marc Rosset, former famous Swiss tennis player.

What is the highest competition award you have to your name?

I was in the team for the British Record Formation Skydive of 100  jumpers.

Where else in the world have you skydived?

USA - California, Florida, Arizona, Switzerland, Germany, England, Canada, South America, Venezuela and I have great memories of base jumping in Norway.

What do you love most about your job?

I like meeting new people every day and our team is like a really tight group of friends who laugh all day.

Thanks for your time, what are you off to do now?

Although it is Sunday I need to finish some office work, then probably a pizza with my family. 


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