Epic stories in exotic locations never looked so good! Yes, we know… it’s summer. We don’t have time to be watching films!!


Since when did that ever fly?


There’s ALWAYS time to get inspired and fired up for the next trip! It’s time to awaken the challenging world we live in. Time to focus on what makes us feel alive and it’s time to showcase these adventures to a larger audience!!


Now in its second year, the OILS will again highlight the incredible passion and spirit of the diverse team at Outdoor Interlaken. Each new entry will be released on Vimeo and take you on their journey’s and adventures of the past year.

Kayaking and paddling in Peru with Julian

At the end of each summer season, most of the guides venture out to new lands. The world is their playground and these guys never stop exploring, seeking and discovering new challenges and possibilities.

And just as the penguins of Patagonia return to the same place each year, the guides come back to their happy place in Interlaken.


Rather than leave all that incredible footage from the time away to die on a hard drive somewhere, the guys at Outdoor Interlaken put on a competition for all their staff.


It’s a chance to show off their film-making skills and claim some glory as an “actor” or adventure travel madman.


Oh and there’s money up for grabs!

0 chf !!!


1 (ONE) winner will be chosen based on the number of points they can accumulate over the season

Points are awarded as follows:


  • 20pts

    for Vimeo love

  • 20pts

    for each Vimeo comment


(applies to videos posted on this page)

  • 20pts

    for each Facebook like

  • 20pts

    for each Facebook comment


  • 300pts

    for a peer vote


The peer vote is crucial and a final chance to take the win. There will be a screening held in Interlaken at the end of the season where each staff member will be asked to vote for their favourite short film.


As you can see there are a huge number of points available for a peer vote. This is where the quality of the film really counts! (And perhaps how well you get on with all the other staff).

Iain Carey skiing off piste around Interlaken Switzerland


  • Films must be primarily focussed on outdoor adventure, outdoor sport or exploration.

  • Films must be featuring or shot by a staff member at Outdoor Interlaken.

  • Films must be between 1 and 4 mins (3.59 is ok, 4 is not).

  • Films need to be in a format that Vimeo enjoys.

  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.

  • Submission deadline is August 15 and it is highly encouraged that films are submitted as early as possible to pick up those influential engagement points.

  • Point scraping ends at midnight on August 28th


Vote for your favourite video by giving it some love on Vimeo


We hope these short adventure films will inspire you and leave you wanting more out of life! If so and you’re ready for your next trip… gather the crew and head to Interlaken where there’s no shortage of adventures!!


Whatever your sport, wherever your destination, get out there! Enjoy the season and don’t forget to like the Facebook page to stay updated on new OILS releases!


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